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-Atharva Vedic SamratParamPujya ‘Swamiji Sri SelvamSiddhar”

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, as the name implies, it mainly destroys resistance power of the body. Its virus (H I V) intermingle in blood & derive its diet from it.

In our blood the resistance cells are known as Lymphocytes. These Lymphocytes contain 50% to 60% T-Helper cells (T. H.), T H cells on outer surface contain T-4 or CD-4 atom. The Aid Virus (HIV) conbines with this atom & tries to infiltrate in T-H cells & multiplies there. This infiltration of Aid Virus, ruptures the T-H cells . With the destruction of TH cells, the formation of Lymphocane, Harmones& interlucaine-2 Hormones decreases which leads to deficiency in the resistance capacity of Lymphocytes. One thing more the HIV virus do that it makes such type of protein molecules which suppress TH-cells and produce antibody in such a large scale that antibody itself eats Lymphocytes & TH cells & in this way total resistance of body diminishes.

Bio Chemical Reactions Involved: -

1. Sperm or ovum + Nitrogeneous Bacteria orAmmonifying Bacteria coming from (Sweat , urea , or excreata ) ------> H I V

H I V + CD-4 -------> H I V . . . . . CD-4 . . . . . . H I V . . . . . . CD-4 It is a chain reaction.

H I V . . . . . . CD-4 attacks TH cells & rupture it.

Destruction of TH cells diminishes the formation of Lymphocanseharmones&interlucaine harmones-2. It leads to total destruction of resistance power of Lymphocytes. HIV . . . . . . CD-4 . . . . . . HIV . . . . . . CD-4 is like a protein molecule which joins with dead TH cells & kills Lymphocytes.


Reaction (1) Venus in VI th house + Malefic VII th Lord ---> H I V ;Reaction (2) H I V + Moon + Mars Jupitor :Lymphosite Chain reaction

1. Rule :- Lagan (Asc.) must be weak (less than 3° or more than 27°) and Asc. Lord must not aspect it.

2. Rule :-Asc. lord must be malefic or in 12th, 6th or 8th house.

3. Rule :- Venus is in VI house or in association with Rahu and Mars or both. The combination of 7th lord with venus in 6th house.

4. Rule :- 7th house is afflicted by Saturn or Rahu& 7th lord in 6th house.

5. Rule :- Malefic Jupitor in 7th house or 6th house.

6. Rule :- Conjunction of Malefic Mars with Venus in 6th or 7th house or with their lords.


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